why did I this?

Well, I don’t know why I am doing this. Maybe I just have some funny things in my Head. I have been doing sketches and caricatures since I was a Kid, and then just give them away as a gift, I suppose they are all lost by now.

I Friend of mine, who had been receiving this kind of “gifts” from me in the Office said that I must post them somewhere.

I started to draw this sketches in little Post it notes, as an experiment, some kind of “Haiku Sketches” all minimalist and concentrated. By now I have hundreds of them, some Good, some Bad, some… a bit of both. I tried to do the same thing with the Alien… but, I dunno why my inspiration got exhausted after some months (some personal complications in my life too, although I really liked the character, I hope I can retake it sometime in the future) Otherwise with the Yellow Press Sketches there looks like to be an infinite source of that product: Inspiration.

I like specially the Fly McFly, wich has become “alive” by itself, probably reflecting some traits of my personality (as if I were a Person with such a a cynical, sarcastic and… sick Personality, which I probably am…) anyway I will try to post them all, at least the ones I like.

And Please… Enjoy!