fighting against the Empire

the rise of F.MAN

During the sommer of 2016 I contacted some Cartoon Sindicates in the USA with the hope to get published in some newspapers (online or real) with a result that varies from “we utterly ignores you” to “it doesn’t worth an answer” … nice, huh?

well, I wasn’t dissapointed, as I am no Professional Cartoonist … such a response was somewhat expected. I just keep sketching as an escape in my Job, during my pauses I draw in the post it notes (wich till now I find fascinating as expression platform) whatever my (insane) head produces or thinks. Sometimes interesting things, some other times just… well whatever.

Comes the American Presidential Elections in 2016 (Trump vs Clinton… etc) and I contacted the Alternate Media (which I have been following for some years and I absolutely recommend, as it is the source of the most extraordinary and interesting analysis and news by the Saker and his collaborators. Check it if you are not convinced and make an opinion by yourself) I was always thinking that I want to collaborate with them, doing my part in the fight against the empire… But never finding the time to do it, due to constrains with my real life job, which is sometimes very intensive and mentally exhausting.

I asked them if they were interested in my cartoons as a collaborator, with an immediate answer: YES!

Since November 7th 2016 is publishing my cartoons in the Sandbox section more or less on a weekly basis. Later on I started also to be published in Spanish (Saker Latinamerica) and French (Saker francophone) also weekly.

I never though I would become a serious cartoonist, as it was just a hobby, but… look at me, I am there!